Take Action

Take Action

Do you feel strongly that teens should be able to get the health care and information they need to stay healthy - without restrictions or barriers in their way?

As a teen in California, you can get involved in issues that directly affect your health and well-being. Making your voice heard on issues you care about is important so you can help shape the world you want to live in and create.

Even if you’re not 18 yet, you can make a difference and spark positive changes for teens in California and beyond. If you are 18 or will be by the next election, don't forget to REGISTER TO VOTE!

Current Actions

California Must Invest More in Preventing STDs

California has extremely high STD rates and young people are bearing the brunt of this public health crisis. More than half of all STDs in the state are experienced among California youth ages 15 – 25 years old. STDs can cause serious health issues, like cancer, blindness, and infertility. Its time California’s government invested more money to help stop the spread of STDs and protect the health of teens and young adults.

Take Action! Tell lawmakers to increase funding for STD prevention programs in our state.

Wouldn't it Be Great if You Could Get Sexual Health Services Through Your Phone? Help Make it Real – Urge Your Senator to Support SB 1023!

There are many reasons why it is hard for Californians, including teens, to get to a clinic for sexual health services. A new piece of legislation – SB 1023 – would make it easier to access time-sensitive sexual health services like birth control and STD care using your phone – AND have those services covered by insurance, MediCal, or Family PACT- the family planning program for uninsured low-income Californians, including teens. SB 1023 has passed successfully through the California Senate and is now moving into the Assembly, starting with the Assembly Health Committee. Make your voice heard, and contact committee assemblymembers today to ask them to vote YES on SB 1023 and increase access to sexual health services!

Take Action: Contact Your Legislators and tell them to support SB 1023!